Introduction to fully fashion knitwear -3

You don’t need to do a 4 years course for understanding fully fashion knitwear, but with some patient and curiosity, you can learn it. In these series i will try to provide all the content, from the very beginning, so the people from other educational background can understand this subject very easily. Pleas do comment if you have any query- Mirza Mannan

Based on fabric construction & garments manufacturing method:

What is woven?

Interlacement of two sets of yearn (warp & weft) at right angles which from structure is called weave/weaving. (shirt, trouser, jacket)


What is knitting?

Its process of fabric manufacture by converting yearns into loop from and then interlocked /intermeshed /interloped together which from a structure is called knitting.

(Sweater, pullover, cardigan, T-shirt, polo shirt, brifs, underwear etc) .





Loop – Bending of yearn is called loop.


Measuring Gauge


Gauge – It is numerical express which is express number of needle per inch/fineness & thickness of fabric.


Course and Wales

Course: A course is a horizontal row of needle loops produced by adjacent needle during the same knitting cycle. It is a row of loops across the width of fabric .course determine the length of fabric.

Wales: A wale is a vertical column of needle loops .wale is vertical series of loops .Wales determine the width of fabric.



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